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Nootropics is the term used to describe a category of supplements that improve brain performance. They impact cognitive function such as memory, creativity, motivation, focus and brain receptivity. Nootropics manufacturers have enjoyed rapid growth in demand for their products in recent years. It is one of the hot new market segments in the health and wellness area. The market for these supplements has grown from virtually nothing a decade or so ago to estimated sales of around $2.6b in 2019. This isn’t the end though, as the figure is expected to grow to over $6b by 2025.

The USA is currently the largest market (accounting for about one third of all sales), but high growth is expected in the Asian-Pacific region, as the hectic lifestyles and fluctuating diet patterns is expected to promote demand for supplements.

Nootropics are generally promoted to high achievers to augment brain function. We all want a better brain, right? Academics, management types, entrepreneurs, athletes and the elderly are all becoming important segments with more products being aimed at specific niches as the market matures.

Market Perspectives

The category includes drugs and natural extracts. They have been available for several decades and are approved as dietary supplements by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

The market is characterized by several niche manufacturers together with some larger pharmaceutical companies alongside ingredients suppliers.

nootropics manufacturers
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The most successful nootropics companies promote their products as lifestyle brands. They can only be recognized as healthcare brands after securing regulatory approval, certifying efficacy and safety.

Memory enhancement is easily the largest category. There is a growing awareness amongst students and executives about the promised benefits of nootropics and their easy accessibility. This creates a booming market for products which enhance learning and memory, increase focus and attention and allow faster cognitive processing.

If you are into these supplements, or want to know a bit more about them, it makes sense to want to know a bit more about the companies that make them.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a nootropics product (or other supplement) is the manufacturer. We suggest you only purchase products from reputable companies, as this alleviates any risk of poor quality ingredients, inadequate dosage levels, untested or unproven combinations and so on.

The Major Players

So who are the manufacturers of nootropics supplements? is a relatively new segment and features several new and niche manufacturers. Where applicable we have shown the company’s own description. This is shown in italics.

The leading manufacturers of nootropics includes:

Accelerated Intelligence Inc. (USA)

“We improve lives through supplements, nutrition, and research”

This company has been a manufacturer of nootropics supplements for over a decade, and has a high trust rating.

Their website proudly proclaims that “Since 2008, we have led the effort to create a revolutionary brain health supplement that would change how we think about brain pills. We have been at the forefront of the smart pill movement with our landmark nutraceutical excelerol.”


The mission of Accelerated Intelligence is to give our customers the best and highest quality supplements, food and beverages, teas, coffees and cosmetics that they can find anywhere and to provide them with the information required to make informed buying decisions. We provide these with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, fun, individual pride, and company spirit.

The company clinically tests its products and emphasizes quality control.

Brands include Excelerol, Focus+ by Excelerol, Matcha DNA- Matcha Tea.

AlternaScript LLC (USA)

“Healthy ingredients to achieve your purpose”

A manufacturer of nootropics supplements, highly rated by customers.

Exceptional Mind and Body Care to Elevate your Everyday.
Taking care of our bodies and minds gives us the foundation we need to live happy lives. Our routines for sleep, digestion, fitness, and cognition impact the quality of each day and what we can accomplish.

At Alternascript, we believe that being the best version of yourself is not a luxury, but a life goal. With it comes the power to do something remarkable not only for yourself but for the world. We exist to elevate your wellness routine with nutrients that help to increase energy, improve mood, and even help make you more productive.
We created Alternascript with a combination of nutrients to give your body and brain what it needs to perform. We’re here to motivate you to enhance your wellness so you can live life to your fullest.

We believe that you have a purpose in life. Our mission is to help you achieve it. We do this by building the most scientifically advanced health products designed to help you be extraordinary.

This is a recognized and respected manufacturer of nootropic supplements. Products are heavily researched and manufactured under laboratory conditions with purity testing of every batch.

Their major brands is OptiMind and associated specialist supplements such as NuCulture, RestUp & NatureThin. A range of Electrolytes is also marketed by this company.


Cephalon Inc. (USA).

Cephalon Inc. provides biopharmaceutical products. The Company develops and markets medicines for the treatment of nervous system disorders, cancer, and pain management. Cephalon serves customers worldwide.

This company is now a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceuticals (Israel). It was established in 1987 primarily to pursue treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s name comes from the adjective “cephalic” meaning “related to the head or brain”.

Branded products includes Provigil (modafinil).


HVMN (USA) – Health via Modern Nutrition

This company was previously known as Nootrobox and was founded in 2014. It manufactures and sells a ketone ester drink, products supporting a ketogenic diet, and nootropic supplements.

Modern nutrition for modern lifestyles”
We are the forefront of modern nutrition. We apply cutting edge metabolism & physiology to support your health and performance goals.

The company’s major products are targeted supplements – Ketone Ester, Collagen, MCT Oil Powder

Brands include – Nootrobox®, Rise™, Sprint®, Yawn®, Kado™, and GO Cubes®

Neurohacker Collective (USA)

This is a highly visible manufacturer of nootropic formulations, targeted at professionals and emphasizing a scientific approach to its product development.

Neurohacker Collective was founded in 2015 with the mission of creating best in class well-being products by employing a unique methodology to R&D based on complex systems science. This scientific approach focuses on supporting the body’s ability to self-regulate, rather than overriding regulatory systems with chemicals designed to move a biomarker in a particular direction. The company began with a focus on psycho-affective products with the launch of their Qualia nootropic line.

Product lines are the Qualia and Eternus ranges.


Nootropic Source (Australia)

Nootropic Source Australia is Australia s #1 nootropics vendor. Founded in 2018 Nootropic Source Australia stocks a wide range of nootropics, supplements, vitamins, herbal extracts and other nootropic compounds all at affordable prices. It is highly rated bu customers.

Nootropic Source offers a variety of nootropics in different forms such as nasal sprays, powders, and solutions including several peptides, each having their own particular effect. To ensure quality and safety of the products that Nootropic Source sells, the company conducts analysis within the company as well as through a third party firm. The analysis helps to maintain every bottle free from any form of contaminants. Moreover, the company has a product list that is vast with their website having over 100 items.

Onnit Labs LLC (USA)

“Easiest way to get optimized – Total human, day and night”

Onnit manufactures and supplies a wide range of supplements and products associated with improved performance. The range includes supplements such as AlphaBrain, nutrition foods and proteins, fitness products and apparel. They have a high product quality focus and are widely respected.

Onnit can be summarized in three words: total human optimization (THO).

At Onnit, we measure time as moments that take you closer to who you want to become. Time well spent today makes you a little bit better than you were yesterday. And the only way to get to the best version of you…is you. Are you up to it?

We are on a mission to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We believe that if people have access to the best tools and knowledge, they will be able to achieve their fullest human potential, leading to a global movement for the good of all.

Brands include AlphaBrain, Mood and Onnit.


OptiNutra Ltd (UK)

Nutritional supplement innovations for performance-driven consumers.

Opti-Nutra® formulates state-of-the-art performance supplements that optimize biological function and elevate health.


OptiNutra manufacturing processes have been certified by numerous international bodies and they have very high standards of quality control.
Company brands are MindLab Pro and Performance Lab cor formulas and sport nutrition formulas.

Peak Nootropics (USA)

Peak Nootropics is essentially a packager of ingredients sourced from a large producer of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products worldwide”.

The company positions itself on range, quality and service – “There are a many sources to buy nootropics online but not all of these sources have the best products or customer service. We excel in both of these areas and have the best quality memory supplements and research chemicals at great prices.”

“If you are looking to safely improve your overall mental performance, you have come to the right place. You can rest assured that our high quality and independent 3rd party tested nootropic supplements will help you meet your cognitive goals.

Products are sold under their own name and are tested in independent 3rd party laboratories.

PureLife Bioscience Co. Ltd. (China)

Purelife Bioscience Company Limited is the most reliable and professional manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for Alpha-GPC, Phosphatidylserine, PQQ, Garlic extract, Nootropics and other nutrition supplements.”

Purelife Bioscience manufactures and distributes raw materials and product formulations for others. It has two factories in China – one for raw materials, another for contract manufacturing of tablet, capsules and softgels in a wide variety of specifications.

Product lines include Amino acids, Herbal extracts, and pharmaceutical raw materials for bodybuilding, weight loss, brain fitness and other general human health.

It has two warehouses in the United States, one is in CA (in 2008), and the other is in TX (in 2011) .

In 2014 a third plant was established in Korea, especially for the production of L-alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine ( Alpha GPC) only.


SupNootropic Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
This another manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical grade raw ingredients and formulations to improve memory, mental performance, attention span, and brain function. We continue to search for new products to improve mental performance and slow brain aging.

Their main products include:Noopept, Pramiracetam, Modafinil, Adrafinil, N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid, Vinpocetin, Oxiracetam, Sunifiram, Galantamine Hydrobromide, Caffeic acid phenethyl ester, and Lorcaserin.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (USA & Israel)

Committed to improving the lives of patients”

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a multinational pharmaceutical company with dual headquarters in Israel and the U.S.A. It specializes primarily in generic drugs, but other business interests include active pharmaceutical ingredients and, to a lesser extent, proprietary pharmaceuticals. It is the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world and one of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our mission is to be a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals, improving the lives of patients across the world.

In a complex world, Teva’s mission is simple: to improve the lives of patients across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to quality medicines whether it be for managing disease, fighting infections, or simply improving overall health.

We are proud that since Teva’s establishment in 1901, healthcare providers together with patients and caregivers have been using our accessible generic and innovative products. Today, our portfolio of around 3,500 products is among the largest of any pharmaceutical company in the world. Nearly 200 million people in 60 countries benefit from one of Teva’s quality medicines every day. We invest in research and development of generic medicines and biopharmaceuticals, carrying on the legacy of more than a century of finding new ways to help patients improve their lives. This defines our values as a company and characterizes how we do business and approach medicine.

Other News

Other nootropics manufacturers have also been in the news recently, announcing new products and formulations, in further evidence of the continued growth in the category.

  • In April 2019, Gaia Herbs, the leading herbal brand in North America, unveiled its new line of vegan nootropic supplements- Bacopa, Agile Mind, and Nootropic Focus.
  • In April 2019, Reckitt Benckiser, global producer of popular consumer health, hygiene and home products, launched Neuriva, a dietary supplement and holistic approach to support brain health
  • In November 2018, Cognitive Clarity Inc., announced the debut of Percepta, the world’s first plant-based nootropic targeting the accumulation of brain plaques and tangles in normal aging.
  • In September 2018, Koios Beverage Corp. announced the launch of two additional products its existing line of beverages. The first product is a beverage infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants, along with Koios’ proprietary nootropic stack.

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